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Intricate Illustrations​​ & Surface Pattern Designs

Whimsical Cats & Kittens Coloring Book features 30 intricate black and white illustrations that are a must for every cat and coloring fan. You will find different breeds, like the American Shorthair, Bengal, Siamese to Ragdoll and Persian Cat, just to name a few. This book also has 4 bonus coloring pages, that feature only patterns and can be used as a background for your cat picture. So when your cat is laying on your laptop or keyboard again, you can take out your coloring pencils and color some Whimsical Cats & Kittens, while waiting on your cat to move...lol.

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Get ready to color some of the cutest doodled dogs. Inside this book are 30 pages filled with doodled dogs that are just waiting for you, to add some color. From Boston Terriers and Golden Retrievers, to German Shorthair Pointers and many cute mixed breeds, you will surely be delighted by the sweet faces that await you. Talented artist Angelika Parker illustrated these cute dogs in a whimsical, intricate way that will give you hours of fun to color.

by Angelika Parker

Relax your mind and get creative with 40 intricate Mandala designs. This book has thirty individual Mandala illustrations printed on white paper. As a bonus and to "spice things up", Angelika Parker chose ten of the designs to be printed with a black background. Giving you a total of 40 Mandalas to color. The repeating patterns and circular designs have a calming effect that is meant to help you relax.

Dogs & Doodles Volume 2 is another coloring book filled with 30 adorable dogs, all illustrated by talented artist, Angelika Parker. She continues to capture the sweet nature of the dogs she doodles. From Huskies, Beagles, Pugs to West Highland Terriers and many more dog breeds. This book is a must for any dog lover and coloring enthusiast. 

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