by Angelika Parker

​​Art Love Passion

Intricate Illustrations​​ & Surface Pattern Designs

Meet her "coworkers":

Shady who just loves to snuggle. 

Oreo the supermodel and social media guy.

Sadly Miss Roxie crossed the rainbow bridge in April 2023...she will forever be missed

Jack the CEO of the coworkers.



American based illustrator and surface pattern designer, Angelika Parker has been honing her skills for the 

​past several years. As a self-taught artist, she's been experimenting with many different mediums and loves

to manipulate and change her works on the computer. 

Her passion for animals and patterns is reflected in almost all of her works. Not only are her animal portraits adorable, but the intricate patterns in them, will keep you coming back for more. She also has a love for creating patterns with elements of her watercolor paintings, which mostly feature botanicals. 

When she is not creating new works, she enjoys spending quality time with her family and snuggling her pets.